Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Lovely. JUST lovely...

The Endometriosis is BACK, and with a VENGENCE.


I'll have to call about surgeries after back from hols....

It's not fair.


Monday, July 11, 2005

My kid is Teh Cuteness! (but when is she not?)

So the other day, I was taking a bit of a nap, and my Mate and Elfbit came in to see me.

Background - my daughter (elfbit) knows what it takes for Momma to sleep.

wrist braces.

So she sees me lying snuggled under the blanket, just waking up, and grabs up Dorothy, giving her to me and tucking me in, patting me through the blanket.

Then, seeing as I'm already wearing my braces and earplugs, she goes and gets another pair of earplugs, sticks them into her ears, then snuggles under the blankets with me with a - "Bye bed!" (goodnight).

Talk about CUTE! *giggles*