Saturday, August 13, 2005


I am learning how to knit socks. Yes, socks. Of course I'm not starting with a simple style, what's the use in that? If I end up finishing it and deciding "no more! keep those five-needle jobs away!" I have a christmas stocking *laughs*

But yes. I am knitting with five needles... and I'm doing well! *is proud of herself* There are a few thigns that were REALLY hard. Like the figure-eight caston. that was rough. and the needles are soooo tiny, I've already bent a few of them (they bent back fine, though *whew!*).

This is so exciting. I love learning new things. It was about time I did *G* - maybe next I'll learn something REALLY hard... like ... Uhm....

Second thought, this IS really hard. Let's wait for me to master it, first - before I move on to something else.

Besides *laughs* I'm not done with the dress yet anyhow. Knitting is for conversation, crochet is for Television watching when everyone's gone to bed, and you don't want to have to look too carefully :)